Best Wireless Router For Home- Complete Guide

best wireless router for homeYes, I know. It is very frustrating to have dead WiFi zones in your home or your internet stops working when you need it the most.

We have compared nearly all available options of the best wireless router and picked some of the best wireless router for home.

Our Pick includes wireless routers with all latest available features such as Mesh Wifi and latest Generation of Wireless Standard called 802.11ax(WiFi 6)

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Mesh WiFi System- Solution For Whole-Home Coverage

Still having dead Wi-Fi zones in your home then mesh wifi system might be the best solution for you with blazing fast speed. Mesh WiFi system is the most reliable and easiest solution to get wireless coverage throughout your entire home.

Simple things like walls, floors, and doors can come between you and your router that may be the result of Dead WiFi Zones.

best mesh router for home

Mesh WiFi system contains more than two network devices that are integrated and designed to work seamlessly together. The key advantage that the mesh wifi system has over the traditional wireless router is its longer-range which will cover each corner of your house.

The whole-home mesh wifi system works efficiently by placing nodes in different parts of homes.

Linksys Velop is one of the flagship mesh WiFi systems which is a bit pricey but works best for home mesh wifi system.

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000-AC1900 Dual-Band Router

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NETGEAR is a company that has dedicated itself to providing top of the line including their brilliant wireless routers. The product that we will recommend to you is called the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000.

The Nighthawk R7000 is AC1900, with 1300 Mbps speed on the 5GHz band and 600 Mbps speed on the 2.4 GHz. I like R7000 more than R8000 because it is affordable and easy to install. 


The router looks amazing and has a minimal vibe to it. This router has three detachable antennas and has black construction overall. The only issue is the size and weight of the Nighthawk. 

We found that issue to be important as it occurs that you will only need to make space for the router once and would not be making it a lot afterward.



In short words, NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 is an impressive router and offers a lot for the price you are paying for it. But, it has some performance issues on the 2.4GHz band. Considering the price to performance ratio, the Nighthawk AC1900 is the best router that you can buy in the market.



2. Google Wi-Fi -Best Range Covering WiFi System

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Google Wi-Fi is unlike any router you may have seen before. It would be wrong to call it a router because it is a wifi system and is probably the best one in the market.

In this discussion, we will cover all the major features of this unique Wi-Fi system and will see how three Google units work together to provide superior wireless connectivity.



  • Seamless WiFi coverage with 4,500 square feet with 3 WiFi points
  • Enjoy a fast signal in every room, on every device thanks to a new type of connected system.
  • Google Wifi allows you to pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices, like during bedtime or dinnertime.
  • Through the companion app, it’s easy to share your password with guests, prioritize devices on your network, see what’s connected, and more.


Google Wi-Fi with its understated design is ideally suited to any environment. The three units of this Wi-Fi system are identical to each other. This Google WiFi system has a diameter of 4.1 inches and a height of 2.7 inches and is relatively small to that of established routers.

The white body of the router is divided by an LED light which gives a touch of elegance to the design. This design deserves high praise and will be well-suited to modem homes


The Google Wi-Fi system provides experience in contrast to any other router. It is elegant, simple, and offers lots of versatility. If you have a large home and want fast connectivity in all parts, the Google Wi-Fi system is the one we recommend.

No router or any other Wi-Fi system can provide a seamless experience like this one.



3. ASUS RT-AC88U -The Home Gamers Choice

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Most people like online gaming without lag and know of the company ASUS because of their top of the line laptops for gaming. The device we are going to talk about is the RT-AC88U. This router costs under $300, and it happens to be one of the best wireless routers someone can buy right now.

Design and Performance

This wireless router offers a stylish, smart look. Without wasting time, let’s take a look at how the router performs. The RT-AC88U is an AC1300 router that has a total of 8 Gigabit LAN ports.

Keep in mind that these ports will deliver high-speed internet without suffering from any performance issue. Also, don’t forget that it’s a dual-band router and can act as NAS as well. The Wi-Fi performance of the router on 2.4GHz and 5GHZ remains faster without any lag in performance.

The performance of ASUS RT-AC88U provides multi-client MU-MIMO data streaming and works extremely fast on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.


When you will connect it to the PC and the internet for the first time, the ASUS Web Interface will automatically launch and give you two options to configure the router. You can continue with it or set it manually.


The QIS(Quick Internet Setup) will check your internet connection and configure your router as a dynamic IP, static IP, depending on your connection type selection. After that it allows you to set a name for SSID and then create a network key for each band.

With the completion of this process, your setup is complete.



4. TP-Link Talon AC4000 -Latest Technology

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The TP-Link Talon AC4000 Wi-Fi router possesses the quality of being the first 802.11 ac router. This router is packed in many cutting-edge features to ensure ultimate performance. The size of this router is imposing and the design is understated.
You will see the flat top surface by folding all the nine antennas of the router.


  • Uses multi-band technology to run three distinct Wi-Fi bands at once.
  • Supports combined speed of 4 Gbps
  • MU-MIMO technologies and wireless AC of Talon AD7200 facilitates simultaneous streaming
  • 1.8 GHz dual-core processor is powerful enough to support multi-users at one time
  • Has eight external antennas which help in maximizing range and performance
  • Has 1 WAN and four high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Two super speed USB 3.0 port allows you to transfer files to an external HDD or USB drive directly

In short words, this is the only router that keeps you future-proof. If you are looking for fast Wi-Fi performance and don’t want to spend the extra money on a NETGEAR Nighthawk X10, then this is the best choice for you.




5. D-Link DIR 890L -Best Long Range Wireless Router For Home

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D-Link DIR 890L is the most stylish looking router we have encountered. The DIR-890 looks like race car enthusiasts built it was the Nighthawk resembled a stealth jet. As we know, looks are not everything, let’s find out how this router is fair in things that matter.  

Design, Performance, and Installation

The DIR is an amazing router due to its speed and function. Testing has shown that this router is fast, easy to set up and use. It has a good range when you are using this device for Wi-Fi. The other quality of this router is its ability to be doubled up as a NAS by adding an external hard drive.

But keep in mind that the DIR-890 is a tri-band router and if you are a general consumer who wants the router for regular use, then this is not suitable for you but if you want ultra-performance from your home wireless router then this might be one of the best options for you available now.

This Router is great for longer range and have good coverage for large homes

We have already discussed the design of this router. It is a red build with black accents overall. The router easily manages to stand out, and if you have a computer that follows a color scheme, this is something you must have. 


The DIR-890 by D-Link is perhaps one of the best routers in the market that prefer style over substance but manages to give you a standard performance.



Key Things To Consider For Home WiFi Router

1. QoS (Quality of service)

Quality of Service(QoS) is the key feature to get prioritized network speed for important devices over other devices. This feature is important for a home WiFi network so that you can prioritize gaming devices over other less important WiFi devices.

QoS optimize the network by managing bandwidth for each device. Also, prioritized client devices should have less latency as it will take less time for each packet to travel from source to destination. 

2. Parental Control

Perhaps, Parental Control is the most important feature that you need in your home. The parental control can filter the web or block inappropriate content. This feature is available in most flagship wireless router and some wireless router also provide the pre-configured parental profiles which come handy to use.

The handiest feature that comes with parental control is to schedule internet restriction. You Can restrict the internet for a certain time of the day.

3. Mobile App Management

You can manage your home WiFi from any mobile device. Some best wireless routers for home provide the features to configure your whole home wifi system with the single mobile app.

TP-Link Tether mobile app allows you to manage TP-Link routers form both Andriod and iOS devices. 

All essential features like Parental Control, Guest Acces, Live Network Management, User Profiles, and Content Filters are available in most router management mobile apps.

5. Choosing Between Dual-band and Tri-band

Dual-band is a technology that we started to look at 802.11ac WiFi standard simply called WiFi 5. 802.11ac wifi uses the faster and less-cluttered spectrum of 5GHz and 802.11n uses the more cluttered and widely used spectrum of 2.5GHz is slower as compared to 5GHz.

The advantage that the 5GHz band has is that it much faster but it also comes with drawbacks such as less wireless coverage area and lesser WiFi supported devices.

On another hand, 2.4 GHz has a larger wireless coverage area but comes with lesser wireless speeds in comparison to 5GHz.

To overcome this, Dual-band WiFi is introduced. Dual-band uses both spectrums of 2.4GHz and 5GHz are used.

Tri-Band uses 3 separate spectrums. One is 2.4GHz and the other two are 5GHz. By having three separate bands in the tri-band wireless router they can achieve much faster speeds than dual-band. Tri-band divides the clients on each spectrum thus having less interference with each other and much faster WiFi speed.

Final thoughts

Tri-band is much faster and can easily provide Gigabit internet speeds with combined WiFi band with might be an expensive option. But If you want to get full out of your internet speeds then a Tri-band router will be a good choice for you.

That doesn’t mean that dual-band WiFi is slower but it is slower in comparison of Tri-band WiFi.

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