Complete Guide to Buying Wireless Routers(2020)

wireless router

Choosing a router is not a difficult task if you have the proper knowledge about a router. Wait. Don,t worry! We will provide you with all the knowledge about the router and its components that you need for your fastest internet.

Important Factors For Buying Wireless Router


The single most important thing that you have to consider before buying the router is its price according to specs and your budget.

For example:-

If you need a wireless router under 200$ then we will provide you the maximum spec router under this price range.

If you need a router for home or personal use then we believe that you have to consider the best routers.

Which Specification you need.

Hundreds of specs of the router. Dual-band wireless router, Tri-band wireless router, Beamforming, Ai-Mesh e.t.c always confuses the buyer.

In this, we are telling you about the best wireless router according to your needs and budget.


                             We are living in world technology, We are deciding to climb to mars. So why leaving dead-spots in your home.

Beamforming is a technology that detects your device and sending wifi signals in the Direction of the device. By this technology, the wireless router targets the client and then sends the signal. This increases signal quality and speed.


           Security is a must for routers because you are connecting through the air without any physical connection so your connection has to be secure. 

Nowadays there are many types of encryption.

1- WEP is early age encryption that is not much secure.

2- WPA/WPA2 is the latest version of encryption that sees in every latest router.

What is a Router?

The router works as a Packet distributor in the local network. For example, with your home network, 4 computers are connected then router in a network distribute each and every packet to the computer that he requested.


  • Wired Router

  • Wireless Router

  • Modem-Router Combo

1.Wired Router

This computer is connected to the router by LAN or physical connection. Cable router is faster because these are connected by the physical connection. Although it has some limitations, Such as, Number of the router that can connect by a router, if your router has 7 Lan ports then you have to use the network switch to use more computers.

2.Wireless router

The wireless router uses the Wireless-LAN technology of IEEE 802.11(a+b+g+n) and the latest is 802.11ac. Such as, Dual-Band, Tri-Band, Mesh router and some are with dozens of antennas. Some of the most popular brands are competing to make their best wireless router. TP-link, D-link, Asus, and Linksys are in this race.

Which confuses the consumer rather than guiding him which one is right for him, So we are here to guide you how to choose wireless router according to your need.

3.Modem-Router Combo

The combination of DSL-modem and N-router is the modem router and combo. A modem is a separate device and the router is a different device these work totally different from one and another. By combining the functionality of both device we get one device. This is very convenient just plug one cable and use simultaneously.  

Important Steps For Choosing A Router

  • Identify your how much internet speed you want for your daily task.
  • How much client Wi-Fi devices are on your network
  • Allowed Bandwidth from your Internet Service Provider

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