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A network is such an amazing thing that connected the 510.1 million km² of our earth in one Global village. In fact, by the network, we are connected to outer space even to other Planets.

My story

If you buy something and Google it you will find many products that are marketed as All-Rounder but Unfortunately, they are​ Not. We test and review router according to your need. For example, If you want to buy a router for office use, Then we search and test router for office criteria means we know that you should need longer range and Dual-core CPU to carry your multitasking.
Abdulbasit Khan
Abdulbasit Khan
C.E.O of reviewest.org

Basically from Pakistan. I am a network expert and Cisco certified. Studying a lot about Information Technology (IT) helped me differentiate between product, So now decided to help you.

As name of site suggest that it is product review site.

Millions of product are available on amazon, Can,t Decide which one good and which one bad,  So we test these product for you so you can choose best one.


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